Mini-term is a unique and exciting component of the Bentley experience and is a highly-valued time in our community when students slow down and engage deeply.

Our intellectually rigorous mini-term courses require students to expand their ways of learning, to take risks by experiencing something new, and to challenge their ways of thinking through experiential and creative learning. Students pose questions and explore answers in order to have a personally meaningful experience, while also learning to collaborate, to consider multiple perspectives, and to develop practical, relevant and applicable skills. During this two-week period, students come to better understand themselves as learners, which becomes the basis for future learning and prepares students to approach their regular classes with fresh perspectives.

Mini-term courses are taught over a two-week period between the second and third trimesters and aim to enrich students beyond the core curriculum. Each year, students are required to take two three-hour courses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, or one all-day course. Each mini-term course earns one-eighth of one credit (a full-year course earns one credit).  Independent Studies are not available during mini-term. 

The Bentley Story

Founded in 1920, Bentley School has fostered an environment that challenges the mind, striving to bring out the best in every one of its students. Bentley School is committed to academic excellence as well as the development of character and spirit in each of its students. (Read more in the Head of School's Message.)

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