From the Head of School

As K-12 independent school educators, we know we must prepare our students for college. We know we must provide a rich, inclusive, and multidimensional experience in the classroom. And we know we must be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice to the changing needs of education. Our most vital responsibility is to create a culture that develops confident, curious, and kind students.
Students come to Bentley School from all corners of the Bay Area and from myriad backgrounds and personal histories. Their individual and unique stories enrich our entire community and inspire our faculty to continually raise the bar. Passionate and curious by nature and nurtured by challenge, Bentley students energize all of us to continue growing and learning together.
At Bentley, our intentional balance of joy and hard work makes for genuinely happy learners. When students are happy and flourishing, they are more motivated and effective learners. Challenges feel less insurmountable, change is less scary, and taking (age-appropriate) risks becomes exciting. Our intentional programs and experiences like advisory, Mini-term, and PACT (Passion Action Character Team) are essential to making sure every person at Bentley is seen, known, and cherished. 
I was initially drawn to Bentley because of its strong academic reputation and the highly engaged and incredibly welcoming community – a community where every student is valued for their individual strengths and a community that emphasizes continual professional development among faculty and staff. Beginning my 10th year here, I am inspired by the authentic connection between our faculty and students, where high academic and personal expectations are met in an environment that fuels a lifetime love of learning and discovery.

As the landscape of education shifts, it becomes more and more evident that we all need to work together in a school/parent partnership to ensure that students are both empowered and supported – to equip them with the decision-making skills necessary to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally, and to make sure that every graduate leaves here confident, curious, and kind. Bentley graduates are not only well prepared for college, but are equally prepared to step into the world and use their talents to make an impact.
Thank you for your interest in Bentley School. Please take the time to explore our website but, more importantly, plan to come see our students in action on either our K-8 campus in Oakland or our 9-12 campus in Lafayette. They are remarkable and can tell you in their own words why Bentley means so much to them.
Passionate and curious by nature and nurtured by challenge, Bentley students energize all of us to continue growing and learning together.
Christie Moncharmont
Head of School

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