Lower School

3rd - 5th Grade Program

The upper elementary years of 3rd through 5th grades are a crucial period in students’ learning, as children become more independent and mature learners.

Students progress from learning and practicing basic skills to mastering them, and move to more complex skills across all subjects. At Bentley, students begin to apply previously acquired knowledge to new learning opportunities as well as make strong cross-curricular connections.

In the early grades students learned to read; now, they are expected to read to learn. They write structured, clear, detailed pieces about a variety of subjects. They begin to dig deeper into topics and analyze what they learn. They explore open-ended questions that require critical thinking and are asked to justify their reasoning with examples and evidence.

In grades 3 - 5, students are encouraged to work collaboratively with their peers, begin to understand themselves more as learners, become more independent in how they learn, and self-advocate when necessary.

3rd Grade

The Bentley School 3rd grade program emphasizes a strong foundation in fundamental academic skills and builds a strong base of knowledge while also nurturing and guiding the student’s social and emotional growth and development. 

4th Grade

The Bentley School 4th grade program offers students a solid foundation in basic thinking and reasoning skills. Each year students participate in performances and develop physical fitness skills. In addition, students learn effective study habits, which prepare them for the academic expectations ahead. 

5th Grade

The Bentley School 5th grade academic program is rigorous, supportive, and developmentally appropriate. Teachers use a variety of methods to reach all children, including a combination of direct instruction, independent practice, hands-on learning, cooperative group work, and individual conferencing with students.
In Bentley’s Lower School, strong foundational skills are emphasized, building a solid base of knowledge while simultaneously guiding and supporting students’ social and emotional development.
Our elementary curriculum is rigorous, supportive, and developmentally appropriate. Coursework in world languages, music, art, and physical education are critical components of our balanced and comprehensive program. Fun and challenge go hand in hand, as does cultivating respect for others in a diverse student body.
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