Middle School

Our Approach

The Bentley motto – Scire Desidero: I Desire to Know – informs every student’s academic journey, our collective respect for diverse perspectives, and the community’s enthusiasm for learning. 

Middle School: I desire to know others

The Middle School (Grades 6-8) builds upon the foundation established in the Lower School by continuing to promote the academic, social, and emotional development of its students. Students move from a single-teacher classroom structure to a multi-classroom, multi-teacher model.

As students grow into early adolescence, they learn skills to progress from concrete to analytical thinkers. Teachers encourage students to think abstractly and develop excellent communication skills with hands-on projects, open-ended questions, and challenging problems. Students learn to think mathematically and scientifically. Our Middle Schoolers become adept in world languages, develop strategies for physical and emotional health, work collaboratively with peers, and express themselves through the arts. Students leave eighth grade confident and well versed in various subject areas and habits of mind, prepared to meet the challenges of the strong academic program at the Upper School.

K - 8 Campus

1 Hiller Drive
Oakland, CA 94618
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9 - 12 Campus

1000 Upper Happy Valley Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549
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