Lower School

K - 2nd Grade Program

K-2 is the foundation of the Bentley Lower School experience. Establishing a solid academic foundation at an early age is essential to intellectual development.
Our program focuses on providing a developmentally-appropriate approach to key academic skills with an increasing emphasis on personal responsibility. 

In these years, students first learn the importance of “the desire to know,” the Bentley School motto, which embodies the enthusiastic learning Bentley students engage in. As they play on the three different campus playgrounds, students learn the importance of being safe, fair, and kind to others.

They also attend their first PACT family meetings, where lower school students of all ages learn how to embody the Bentley values as members of the school community. These lessons and relationships enrich the school experience for the rest of students’ time in lower school and beyond.


The Bentley School Kindergarten program emphasizes a strong foundation in fundamental academic skills and builds a strong base of knowledge while also nurturing and guiding the student’s social and emotional growth and development.

1st Grade

The Bentley School 1st grade program offers students a solid foundation in basic thinking and reasoning skills. Each year students participate in performances and develop physical fitness skills. Health and wellness classes are also taught along the way.

2nd Grade

The Bentley School 2nd grade program is challenging, supportive, and developmentally appropriate. Teachers use a variety of methods to reach all children, including a combination of direct instruction, independent practice, hands-on learning, cooperative group work, and individual conferencing with students.
In Bentley’s Lower School, strong foundational skills are emphasized, building a solid base of knowledge while simultaneously guiding and supporting students’ social and emotional development.
Our elementary curriculum is rigorous, supportive, and developmentally appropriate. Coursework in world languages, music, art, and physical education are critical components of our balanced and comprehensive program. Fun and challenge go hand in hand, as does cultivating respect for others in a diverse student body.
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