Middle School

6th - 8th Grade Program

The Bentley Middle School recognizes that students in grades 6-8 are between the worlds of childhood and adolescence. We are the bridge for that transition.
This is a time when friends and teachers have even greater importance in the lives of the child. Our middle school provides positive social activities, athletics, opportunities for leadership and service, and an appropriately challenging academic curriculum.

At the core of our middle school is a traditional liberal arts education that expands upon our lower school foundation. Our students have classes in critical thinking and research best practices, as well as core classes in English, mathematics, history, humanities, science, and foreign language.

In our middle school classrooms, students may solve their first calculus problems, converse in Latin or French, or participate in a hands-on experiment in our well-designed science lab. Coursework in music, art, drama, and physical education are critical to our balanced and thorough curriculum. Our substantive elective program includes classes in debate, sculpture, architecture, robotics, and dance.

6th Grade

The Bentley School 6th grade program promotes the academic, social, and emotional growth of students by expanding on the foundation established in the Lower School. During this period of rapid growth and move toward independence, students build on the skills they mastered in Lower School to progress from concrete to analytical thinkers.

7th Grade

The Bentley School 7th grade program prepares Bentley students to become engaged citizens of the world. In these critical transition years, our expert teachers guide students to see themselves as writers, scientists, mathematicians, linguists, artists, musicians, athletes, and historians.

8th Grade

The Bentley School 8th grade program emphasizes hands-on projects, open-ended questions, and challenging problem solving to encourage students to think critically, develop excellent communication skills, master mathematical concepts, think scientifically, become more proficient in world languages, develop strategies for physical and emotional health, and work collaboratively with peers.
Bentley’s Middle School students flourish in an environment in which they are known and valued, discovering areas of study they pursue in a setting all their own. Our highest goal is to help students become successful, substantive individuals who find joy in learning and fulfillment in finding purpose in their academic interests.
The Bentley program encourages a balance of scholarship and meaningful engagement in the community beyond the classroom. Clubs, student government, and team sports help Middle School students explore interests with classmates, develop expertise in new areas, and collaborate to build skills like teamwork, adaptability, and work ethic.
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