Upper School

9th - 12th Grade Program

Upper School is a time dedicated to the joyful pursuit of educational excellence. 
Our curriculum celebrates independent thinking and diversity, encouraging students to discover both themselves and the world around them. Our faculty are deeply committed to helping students thrive academically and develop a sense of personal purpose.
Bentley students don’t have to wait until college to study things they are passionate about. Our academic offerings and varied array of engaging courses enable every student to immerse themselves in challenging and thought-provoking classes - like our many Advanced Placement offerings or high-level courses such as Multivariable Calculus. There are myriad options to pursue interests, new and old, from college-level seminar courses in English and history to photography, Web Development, Theatre, or Engineering. No matter what the subject, students find that learning and genuine understanding – not rote memorization – are at the forefront of every class at Bentley.

9th & 10th

The Bentley School 9th & 10th grade program ensures students gain key content knowledge and develop essential skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, citizenship, and creativity. As their academic agility sharpens, they also advance as artists and writers, athletes, and leaders.

11th and 12th

The Bentley School 11th & 12th grade program prepares students for lives of success and purpose. Defined by complex, engaging courses and the expertise of exceptional faculty, the Upper School encourages students to be transformative learners and leaders. Bentley students not only explore wide-ranging interests in the classroom, but also in athletics, performing arts, service opportunities, and beyond.
Bentley’s Upper School is both rigorous and invigorating.
Students are challenged to articulate their arguments more precisely, delve more expansively into research, and engage more fearlessly with the ideas and opportunities that excite them the most. Students at Bentley pursue personal passions, rise to challenges, and assume ownership over their educational experiences. 

As a culture that rewards intellectual risk-taking, the Upper School at Bentley not only prepares students for success at prestigious colleges around the world, it equips them for step thereafter. 
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K - 8 Campus

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9 - 12 Campus

1000 Upper Happy Valley Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549
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