History in 6th Grade
In the sixth-grade History course, students analyze how human interaction, in different parts of the world and over the centuries before us, has impacted the world in which we live today. To that end, students explore the emergence and development of the Early Roman Empire and study the period following its collapse, including feudalism in medieval Europe, dynastic rule in medieval China, and the rise and spread of Islam and the achievements of the Islamic empire. Students investigate the similarities and differences between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity with a focus on their common Abrahamic roots. Students also examine the travels of Marco Polo and the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire. 

Pushing toward critical thought, students explore these civilizations through a variety of sources. Primary and secondary sources will help to represent multiple perspectives and provide platforms for making analytical comparisons between people, places, and time. Frequent current event days and interdisciplinary discussions also help foster connections between the past and present.
History in 7th Grade
The seventh-grade history curriculum focuses on world history from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Students study the Scientific Revolution, the Reformation, the French Revolution, the Spanish colonization of the Americas, including the Atlantic slave trade, the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East and Eastern Asia. Much of the focus is on the growth and perpetuations of empires, as well as important artistic achievements of these cultures. Students review global geography terms, examine primary source materials and engage in various assessments, such as tests, essays, group work, and oral presentations.

The curriculum utilizes a variety of methodologies that exercise critical thinking, problem-solving, and fundamental skills. These include reading primary and secondary sources, structured and student-driven class discussion, lectures, simulation activities, individual and group projects, cultural awareness events, hands-on geography activities, and field trips.

History in 8th Grade
Eighth-grade students learn about United States history from English settlement through the Great Depression. They explore the essential question of how to assert individual responsibility in a democratic society. Students re-create a famous trial in U.S. history, analyze primary sources, and learn about crucial legal ideas, terms, and procedures. A key assignment is a research project in which students look closely at a great speech in context and deliver it to their classmates.

Students spend eighth grade working on a capstone project: a step-by-step approach to investigating a topic and writing a research paper. Students learn how to differentiate primary and secondary sources, evaluate sources, conduct research, and cite sources. They develop clear thesis statements and outline each section before embarking on the writing and revisions. They participate in workshops with peers’ essays and prepare digital reflections for presentation to classmates.

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