The Bentley Mathematics Department offers curriculum that allows students to develop a “growth mindset” while inspiring a passion for real-world mathematical applications and collaborative problem solving. We encourage our students to take risks in the classroom and embrace both their successes and setbacks, building a foundation for the years ahead. Throughout, we challenge students to be flexible thinkers and to communicate their work using precise language. Students integrate technology in all stages of exploration. In our ever-changing world, the skills our students acquire here at Bentley lead them to graduate with the mathematical expertise to succeed in whatever field they choose to pursue.

Bentley’s program ranges from Geometry to Calculus, and includes a variety of electives. For students ready for advanced work, Calculus 1 and 2 Honors, AP Computer Science and AP Statistics are offered. Central to our program is the philosophy that mathematics plays an essential role in modern culture, including aesthetic and recreational aspects, and in the scientific and technical community.

Bentley School requires all students to complete three years of mathematics, although most students undertake four years of study. Each student is required to have a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator beginning in Algebra 2, which is integral to our contemporary mathematics instruction. A test is required of all incoming students to help determine appropriate placement. With the exception of electives, all mathematics classes are year-long.

Mathematics Department

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