Graduation Requirements

In order to be eligible for a Bentley School diploma, a student must earn passing grades in a minimum of 22 credits in the Upper School and achieve a minimum grade point average (unweighted GPA) of 2.00 on a four-point scale. A one-trimester course receives 1/3 credit. While working toward the 22-credit minimum, students must meet the following specific requirements in order to receive a Bentley School diploma:
English 4 credits English required in every trimester
History 3 credits Modern World History, U.S. History, and 3 trimesters of History Seminars (at least one seminar required in every trimester of junior year)
Mathematics 3 credits Coursework through Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3 required
Science 3 credits Physics, Chemistry, and Biology required
World Language 2 credits and completion of the 3rd level of a language or 2 credits each in two different languages
Visual and Performing Arts 2 credits (All ninth-grade students are required to take a yearlong Visual or Performing Arts class)
Health 1/3 credit
Mini-term 4 years
Athletics/Phys. Ed. 6 Physical Education credits are required (2 Physical Education credits are recommended in the 9th and 10th grade years)
Community Service 60 hours required (Recommended that students complete at least 15 hours per year)
Senior Internship Required pending for 2021-2022 school year