Winter Hamonies

Kindergarten through 5th Grade illuminates the season with joyful songs of light!

In this year's winter concert, the stage came alive with the melodic voices of our students from kindergarten through 5th grade. The performances were a harmonious celebration centered around the themes of light and the holiday season.

Dedicated music teachers James Pannell and Elisabeth Lowry worked diligently with each class, infusing care and thoughtfulness into their preparations. Their commitment to nurturing the students' love for music shone through in every note. With meticulous attention to detail, they guided the classes in perfecting their performances, ensuring that the essence of the holiday season and the joy of music took center stage.

The concert was a testament to the collaborative efforts of both teachers and students, creating a memorable and heartwarming experience for everyone involved. Each grade's performance reflected the care, clarity, and dedication that went into the preparation, leaving a lasting impression on both performers and the audience alike.